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Friday, August 12th

It’s the weekend... YAH!!!

Man, it’s crazy how fast the time goes. Soccer is fully back, football is right around the corner, I can’t believe it! 

Alright Top 5 things to watch this weekend! 

  1. A League of their Own, the TV show remake on Amazon Prime. Ron Swanson is playing the Tom Hanks role, and that’s all I need. Plus the reviews are GREAT.
  2. I am Groot has 5 new short films on Disney Plus which look like fun.
  3. Paramount Plus has a mid-budget family film that usually would be lost in the shuffle and never seen. It’s called Secret Headquarters. Imagine if Ironman’s kid found out he was Ironman. (I know he’s out in the MCU, but it’s a super heroes kid finds out his secret identity.) 
  4. Day Shift looks like a fun action buddy comedy with vampires on Netflix.
  5. Never have I ever. The third season came out and never finished the second, but enjoyed the first one. So maybe I will catch up.

If you're in Charlotte, there is a Sneaker Con on Saturday. I will try not to get Covid if I go to this one! 

Enjoy your weekend!!! 

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