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Friday, February 18th

It’s a holiday weekend!! So that means we should have a bunch of new content! 

Olympics are wrapping up and it’s All Star Weekend in the NBA, which is really the only all-star game in any professional sport worth watching. Well, maybe not the game, but all the other stuff that goes along with it.

New in theaters is Uncharted and Dog, which I honestly think both look like a good time at the theater and a significant reason to go. Silly escapism.

Let’s see what the Streamers are offering: 

Netflix has season two of Space Force for all your Carell Fans out there.

Plus Cuphead Show, based on the app.

Oh, and a new take on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

On Hulu and probably some others, The King’s Man, the origin story, which I know I will check out this weekend. Who doesn’t love an excellent spy, period piece?

Amazon dropped a new season of that Miss Maisel, always heard good things, but could never really get into it.

For the Kids Paramount Plus has a new show called Big Nate, based on a book or cartoon? No idea, but will certainly plop Ox man down in front of that at some point and give you his review on Monday.

See a lot going on! Enjoy the weekend! 

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