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Friday, February 25th

Man, I was all excited about the first Charlotte FC match this weekend, went to the Team store at the stadium and got the family fresh kits.

And then I go this morning to check the online store to look for something small for Ox man. Well, they marked BOTH jerseys up twenty bucks at the store. I know it’s not a ton of money, but this is just an annoying and cheap tactic. EVERYTHING is more expensive at the stadium, I get that, but to add even more when people just want to support the team when they are already in the building is pathetic.

Seems like everyone wants to get families and people in the seats and appeal to a board and diverse range of people, but crap like this seems dishonest and stupid. Then again, I am fine with paying 15 bucks for a 3 dollar beer, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

End of rant..

Nothing major is being released at the theater this weekend.

On the streaming front, the biggest two releases seem to be movies that made it to the theater and are now available for home viewing, in Free Guy on Disney Plus and The French Dispatch on HBO Max.

So enjoy the weekend and hopefully Charlotte FC gets a quality result to build on to start the season.

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