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Friday, February 3rd

In a weekend relatively devoid of new content, I was going to wax poetically about how awesome Poker Face is, but I will spare everyone from that. But it’s awesome, 5 episodes, all with a different mystery and each week it continues to subvert your expectations and keep you guessing.

The biggest thing this weekend is Wakanda Forever is now on Disney Plus. I watched the movie again last night, and do really enjoy the movie. I think Marvel has a growing problem. It’s an overload of content, or too many secondary characters. I think there movies are currently lacking in the third act. Their ultimate battles never seem to land, and the best scenes are in the middle of the movies.

Wakanda Forever’s final act takes place on the open ocean on a big grey ship. The colors feel muted and for the most part, we see nothing we haven’t seen before. Shuri has taken the mantle, but there just didn’t seem to be any “f that was awesome” moments.

My wife watched it for the first time last night, and I know she enjoyed it, but she didn’t seem to get swept up in the conclusion like she has in the past.

Regardless, it’s a great movie and my favorite parts have nothing to do with the action.

The only other thing I know of new this weekend is Harlem Season 2 on Amazon Prime, which was billed as Black Sex and the City but is soo much more than that. Enjoyed the first season, so check it out.

Oh, and Knock at the Cabin from M. Night is new in theaters. Looks fun.

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