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Friday, January 20th

PART 2!!!! 

The Best Scenes of the Year!!

We are here at the beginning of the list! Counting down... AGAIN SPOILERS..

Number 10:

The End reveal to Last Night in Soho - The whole movie we are trying to figure out who killed Sandie in the 60s, only to find out she’s alive, and had been killing all the men who abused her. Like all Edgar Wright movies, it’s impeccably crafted and loved this revelation, because it worked, didn’t feel forced or out of now where.

Number 9:

The Opening Single Take from the Bad Guys, or the Guinea Pig Debate. To open a kids’ movie with an homage to Quentin Tarantino was f-ing awesome and the entire scene is just so cool. The off-hand comments about never having to worry about finding a table. Just Awesome.

Number 8:

Stranger Things 4 - Part 1: Running up that Hill. It became a viral crazy. The song went number 1, so I am clearly not the only person who loved the scene, but Max's first encounter with Vecna and she is able to break free and run to freedom had me cheering from my couch. LOVE it.

Number 7: 

The Book of Boba Fett: The Great Train Robbery. While I found the entire show pretty lack luster, this scene was awesome. Fett and his team of Tuskens attempt a daring raid. It’s intense and just the perfect length.

Number 6: 

The Batman: The Penguin Car Chase. To me, The Batman actually works better as a limited series. Break the three-hour movie into 3 shows, so the second episode ends with a flat out awesome car chase. I am a firm believer in ending anything on the high note. It’s by far the best scene in the movie and comes nearly right in the middle, I think. To me, the rest of it seemed to meander to a tepid conclusion. But this is not to review the movie, but to talk about how F-ing awesome this scene is..

Back on Monday for the Top 5.. (hint to movies have two scenes.. and I got some ties.. I just couldn’t decide..) 

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