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Friday, July 1st

It's a long weekend!!! And that means I have TWO lists for you today.. Yes, my board had deteriorated into a Listicle site. I am no better than BuzzFeed.

So first list.. Best things to watch this weekend.

  1. The Bad Guys - On Peacock.. love this movie..
  2. Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 - I think it's only 2 episodes but they both mini Movies..
  3. Minions: Rise of Gru - if you want to head out to the Movies.
  4. Umbrella Academy Season 3 - Still rewatching season 2, or else this would probably be number 1, but it's also been out for a bit.
  5. Check out all the new movies on your streaming service, first of the month is when they always ADD a ton of new flicks, so take a dive and find something great.

Second list.. I am gonna save for Monday! 

Enjoy the weekend! 

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