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Friday, June 10th

We are like the rail love, we might not be on time, but we will get you there..

My board will not go down in a pillow of fire on an icy runway like the plane referenced in the above quote, but I am back! Twice this week isn’t bad!

It’s loaded this weekend! 

Jurassic World: Dominion stomps into theaters, and normally I would be first in line to see this one, but seems like we have a pretty busy weekend and are not sure I am going to see it!!! BOOOOO!!!! 

I am going to list everything else...


The Northman - Released in theaters ago, with a Viking Revenge tale

1917 - This was dropped back on Peacock, and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Unreal. Best Horror movie in a while..


Hustle - Adam Sandler, being serious and coaching basketball, review are positive and always nice to see Sandler do something dramatic, he’s actually not terrible.

First Kill  - A teen vampire / vampire hunter LBGQ love story

Peaky Blinders Season 6 - Never watched these, but know it’s popular.



The Card Counter - Oscar Isaac in a thriller? about gambling or something? 

Amazon Prime

No Time to Die - New Bond is free to stream on Prime, should DEFINTELY watch it.. loads of fun, if a bit too long.

Fairfax Season 2 - Animate comedy about sneaker culture.. not terrible, but very niche.

Disney Plus

Ms Marvel - Actually came out this week, and already watched it and loved it. I am gravitating to the smaller scale super hero stories. This one is loads of fun and visually feels different or more in line with Ragnarok than other Marvel movies.


Yellowjackets (Episodes 1-2) - Heard sooo many good things about this Showtime series, so the first two episodes are on Paramount Plus, so excited to check it out.

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