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Friday, March 10th

This sneaky SOB, thought he was going to get away with it..

But nope, I am hear to deliver a late Weekend Update..

I have two things I WILL not miss this weekend..

First the Poker Face season finale.. its going to be a bittersweet moment for me.. but I am emotional ready to have to wait a year plus for more.. It's that good.

Second, the season finale of The Last of Us, or as my wife calls it, This is Us.

Other than that we have some good content out there..

There is a new Scream out in theaters and I am kinda of excited for it..

The History of the World Part 2 is highly enjoyable.

Also on Paramount Plus is a new show called School Spirit about a murder high school student who comes back as a ghost to solve her murder or something.. I feel like this was done recently on Netflix.. but trailer looks decent.

And that's all I got! Enjoy your weekend! 

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