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Friday, May 20th

Ready for the weekend?

So they got a new Downton Abbey coming out this weekend, and I will say it. I AM EXCITED. They are like a warm blanket on a cozy day. Always positive and even the undesirable characters are still good. Plus, the outcome is usually positive and lighthearted.

There is a new movie by Alex Garland. Which is supposed to mean something, because he has a name in film circles. He makes weird Darren Aronofsky like movies, but hasn’t had his Black Swan yet. He wrote 28 Days Later and some others, then moved to directing, with films like Ex Machina and Annihilation. So if you liked or saw either of those movies, you know what to expect. I probably will catch this one on streaming at some point.

Speaking of Streaming..

The new Chip and Dale Movie is on Disney Plus, and a review called it the spiritual sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Which means I am 100000000% in on this movie and can’t wait to have a family movie night tonight with the OX man.

Another interesting selection that can be VERY fun is the Love, Death, and Robots Season 3. They are unique shorts and are usually really cool.

Alright, that is all I have got for today! So ENJOY your weekend! 

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