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Friday, May 27th

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the kickoff of summer!!!

And the movie theaters know it.. Top Gun and Bobs Burgers with the counter programming play.

And the streamers know it.. Sonic 2 is already on Paramount Plus, so excited for Family movie night with Ox man tonight. Then once he’s out, the double feature concludes with Ambulance, Michael Bay’s latests, streaming on Peacock.

If that wasn’t enough, STRANGER THINGS 4 Part 1 also dropped today on Netflix. Can’t wait to dive into that.

Oh, and then there is the return of one of the biggest Star Wars characters of all time.. OBI WAN KENOBI! Two new episodes are now available as well! 

There might be too much content, yet I am sure I will not know what to watch.. Peacock also collected all the Resident Evil movies, and I kind of want to have just a marathon of the six movies..

Alright, enjoy your long weekend! 

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