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Friday, November 4th

Whose ready for the weekend!!

Big weekend for me, doing some electrical work and then making some storage compartments. We will see if any of it works.. but gonna be an adventure.

Top 4 things to watch this weekend.. I think I have dropped the ball and missed quite a bit, but here's what I got..

  1. Andor, if you haven't watched it you are missing out on the best thing on TV right now. So good.
  2. Blockbuster, a new Netflix comedy series.. might binge this one in one sitting can't wait!! 
  3. The Peripheral, a new SciFi series on Amazon Prime, saw the trailer and looked cool, but haven't heard much else.
  4. Avatar: Way of Water Trailer.. yea I am a fan boy and do not care.. I am fully aboard the hype train and can't wait till Dec.

See not too much. Actually might have better luck diving into the movie sections of your streaming services and find something new there as new month means TONS of new / old movies added to every platform.

Alright back to work! 

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