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Friday, September 2nd


All movies, all theaters, and all showings are only 3 bucks for  National Cinema day, which is Saturday! 

Normally I'd spend all day at the movies, but since I am an adult I am hoping to get 1 in! 

Top 5 things to Watch this weekend, in no order.

  1. Lord of the Rings - The most expensive TV show of all time.. I think.. but it looks pretty and worth a view.
  2. Elvis - The most recent BioPic is on HBO Max
  3. Jurassic World Dominion is now on Peacock, including an extended edition... which might make it watchable.
  4. Love in the Villa, another Netflix RomCom and am usually all in for.
  5. Loads of new movies are on the streamers.. some that caught my eye, Gone Girl (Peacock), Dredd(Paramount Plus), and TRUE LIES is on Hulu, as a kid of the nineties, this was definitely my favorite movie at one point in my life.

Enjoy the weekend! 


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