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Friday, September 30th

20 out of 21 days.. So close to a perfect month.. oh well..

Next month I am going to try a new social experiment, watch a different horror movie to fall asleep too and see how it affects my dreams.

In a new house.. what could go wrong?

Top 5 things to check out this weekend.

  1. Smile or Bros at the theater, if you can get there. Always fun to start October out with a good scare.
  2. Speaking of Scares. Hocus Pocus 2 is now available to watch on Disney Plus, and Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty terrifying in the trailers I watched.
  3. Also terrifying, apparently the NC-17 rated Blonde movie about Monroe, is pretty distributing.
  4. If those were not enough, you can also hear Lady Gaga and her crazy accent in the House of Gucci, now on Paramount Plus.
  5. Just read the Final Girls Support Group, which was great, and another of the writer’s books is coming to Amazon Prime, My Best Friend’s Exorcism, which might not be terrible.

Some movies out there.. not sure what to make of them.. but enjoy and stay safe!!! 

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