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Friday, September 9th

God rest the Queen..

New content this weekend? Yes, there is ALOT..

I will do a top 5 but it might keep going..

  1. Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming, and I know there was a lot of backlash, but I throughly enjoyed it. It’s a movie about a space Viking god.. Why does it have to take itself so seriously???
  2. Cobra Kai - Season 5. I think I finished the first season, but not much more.. Maybe it’s time for a binge.
  3. Pinocchio, a live action remake of the animated classic starting Tom Hanks. What could go wrong? Apparently everything.
  4. Some shows.. The Good Fight returns, along with Central Park, two shows I used to watch. Also, a thriller mini-series Last Light comes to Peacock.
  5. Some other movies, Moonfall is stupid fun and now streaming on HBO Max, also Dog is now on Amazon Prime.

Alright I have loads to do today! So enjoy your weekend! 


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