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Monday, April 25th

Just wanted to step on here and decided to say a few things..

First, Ox made it through his second movie in theaters. First REAL movie, as IT Chapter 2, he just had headphones on and was a few months old, and Paw Patrol the Movie was just garbage. So we saw The Bad Guys.

It was great. Heist movies I think are my favorite genre and an animated one that never takes itself too seriously, opens with an homage to Pulp Fiction, and just rocks, was always going to be a winner in my book. So go check it out. Ox man approves.

Second, if you haven’t watched Ghosts, the CBS version or the British version it’s based on. I highly recommend it. Easy show to enjoy and both casts are fantastic. I mention this because there are 18 episodes on Paramount Plus of the American version and another 18 of the British on Prime or maybe HBO Max, if you are looking for a light summer binge.

Alright Enjoy your Monday!!!

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