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Monday, February 28th

A Monday post? What is this sorcery!?! Had a good weekend, but besides catching up on the entire Scooby Doo filmography, I watched little content. Apparently Ox-man’s new thing is Scooby Doo, started with the old school cartoons, then we moved to the 2000s cartoon TV reboot, and finally Sunday morning put on the two movies from the early 2000s.

Funny story about those, well, more than the first one. Which was more entertaining than the second one, for sure. So the story goes that James Gunn, the guy behind Suicide Squad and the Guardians of Galaxy movies, wrote a MUCH different script, one that was more in line with his sense of humor. In fact, they actually filmed it working off that script.

Highlights included tons more pot references by Shaggy, Fred being a closet-ed gay man, and eventually comes out at the end of the movie, and apparently more nudity? As Gunn mentioned, at some point they used CGI in post production to remove and reduce the amount of cleavage in the movie.

So for all those out there who demanded the Synder-Cut for Justice League, I want to see the R-rated Scooby Doo movie.. I am thinking it would be a mystery version of 21 Jump Street, but the save play netted 250 million plus and a sequel, so seems like that was the right call.

Scoreboard only watchers, DO NOT worry over the 3-0 loss Charlotte FC suffered in their first game. They actually played pretty well, had more possession, more shots, more corners, and created some brilliant chances. Horrible officiating wasn’t solely to blame but didn’t help. As our first ever goal was right-fully called off because of offsides, their first PK should have never happened as there was a clear foul by DC on the build-up and then a questionable hand ball. Add that to the fact that somehow we didn’t get a PK on what was an extremely similar hand ball in their box, and the first half should have been 1-0 or 1-1 us. But that is the way soccer can go. However, the team looks better than expected and once the pieces have some time to jell; I think we will surprise a few teams! 

Happy Monday to all!!! 

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