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Monday, January 23rd

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Got loads done and then took it easy on Sunday. It was nice.

Part 3 - The Top 5 (well, really it’s Top 7, as we had some ties.) 


Number 5:

Top Gun: Maverick - The Impossible is possible. Just when the guys think it’s not possible to do what Maverick has been training them to do. He goes out and crushes it. Showing he’s still the best and his mouth can apparently still writing any check, cause his body can cash it. Some other impressive scenes in the movie, but I think this one is my favorite.

Number 4: (tie)

The Prision Escape in Andor: Andor was easily one of the best shows I have watched in a LONG time on TV. Every episode was meticulously crafted, and the writing was spectacular. So after two or three episodes of building towards the escape, it lived up to the hype.

The Rocks in Everything Everywhere All at Once: Two rocks sitting on a cliff, with goggly eyes talking to each other, shouldn’t work. Yet in fact it’s one of the most awesome and moving scenes I watched all year, just perfect. If you haven’t seen the movie, watch it.

Number 3: 

Avatar: Way of Water - Neteyam’s death and final showdown. It’s a crushing scene, followed up by some pretty epic action and a vengeful Netriyi. The movie hits differently when you're a father and I can’t imagine losing a child, so that emotional break in the climax to amp up the stakes was masterful.

Number 2: 

Originally this was the aforementioned scene, but Avatar having the top two slots made me seem a BIT to fan boy-ish.


Prey: The Ultimate Battle is awesome. Even though it’s at night, we can still see everything. She uses all the things she’s learned throughout the movie and outwits the Predator by forcing him to die from his own weapons is fantastic.

Live Action Ratatouille Scene from Everything Everywhere All At Once. Who ever had the idea to say, let’s do a fight sequence, where one character is driving another character like the rat from Ratatouille is out of their mind crazy but man, it worked!!! So freaking fun and cool and inventive.

Number 1: 

Avatar: Way of Water - Payakan Revenge - Honestly, the last hour of the movie is awesome and would have been top of this list for sure. I will gush like a fan boy for a second, but from a pacing, action, etc that hour, crushes any action scene in the last ten years. It’s Jordan against the Jazz, there is no equal. Marvel is bigger and will have more stats, but Cameron is unrivaled. So when Payakan crushes the ship and the Metkayina launch the assault, it’s just an incredible five to ten minutes. Can’t decide when it ends, but the high point of the ship captain getting his arm ripped off is classic. Got one more week of it on all the big screens, so check it out if you haven’t seen it.

There we have it, if I have to pick my top 5 from the year, Avatar, Everything, Andor, Only Murders in the Building, and Chip and Dale..

Alright that was intense.. Have a great week!!! 

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