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Monday, June 20th

It’s like when a great team loses a key offensive linemen, or that wing defender who always did the dirty work and then would get a massive bucket just when the team needed it. You don’t know how truly great the loss is until you're tearing up looking at the crumbs on the floor from breakfast and realizing you're a sloppy M-F-er. Because you never had to worry about it. He came behind ya made sure those crumbs were taken care of.

Never gonna be easy to lose a dog, but each day hopefully it gets a little better.

We tried to fill the weekend with distractions, but it didn’t work. Lightyear was a nice 2 hour distraction. I enjoyed the finale of The Offer, and even The Boys gave me a bit of peace, but I felt like I should re-watch everything when I’m not seeing everything in a shade of blue.

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