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Monday, September 19th

You know when you get old in life, things get taken from you.

That’s, that’s part of life.

But,you only learn that when you start losing stuff.

I guess too often people only live to be there for other people.

Is that a message buried in a quote, followed by an equally random quote? Yes, it is.

Another thing, most pundits and people will say, there are only about 20 people that can actually be an NFL quarterback. I agree with this one. However, I think the number of people that can be good NFL coaches is even less.

You have to account for so many things just during the game-day, not to mention you are also the CEO of giant moving organism, where you have to manage thousands of moving pieces while also massaging the egos of 53 men who have spent most of their life with everyone telling them they are amazing.

I do not envy the job, it’s got to be insanely difficult and I am not one of those joe-shmos on the couch that thinks I could do ANY better. However, I also think its pretty easy to tell when someone DOES NOT possess the qualities needed to be a good coach.

No riddle there, pretty clear what I am getting at.

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