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Thursday, April 21st

Man! My tacos let me down.. I am totally bummed. Which means I will get some more today.

Trivia answers! 

The two most popular spices in the world are Pepper and ... NOT SALT, but mustard. Surprising, I know.

The hottest part of the chili is not the seeds, but the very tip, according to this random website. I always thought it was the seeds.

Saffron is the pound for pound most expensive spice.. and man the right amount can really take a dish to the next level.

Olive Juice takes a martini from ordinary to Extra-ordinary aka Dirty.

Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee beans.

And while Thomas Jefferson did a bunch of great things.. clearly his crowning achievement was bringing Mac and Cheese back to the US from France. Declaration of Independence is nice.. but you haven’t lived until you had truly great mac and cheese.

Enjoy your day.. I am out.

Trivia Answers: