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Thursday, December 22nd

Only three more sleeps till Christmas...

Rain you need to go away.. I have a half finished roof.. that needs to be finished...

Dragged the wife to see Avatar last night.. Went to the 4DX, which is basically like a theme park ride. Thought I would get tired of it in the long run time, but we did not, you REALLY FEEL the movie, and it's even more intense.. Jenn loved it..

"When he’s at his best, Cameron’s films are tremendous experiences unlike any other. Cameron knows exactly how to construct a great action scene, not only in making the sequence exciting, emotionally powerful, and engrossing, but in just the basic mechanics of how a scene should function, putting other action directors to shame."

Such a great movie.. think the IMAX 3-D is a bit better for an overall viewing experience but the 4DX is a totally different way to watch a movie and you have to ready for it, almost needed a seat belt..

I might make a post tomorrow, might not.. who knows.. but besides Puss in Boots and Babylon, I am really excited to FINALLY see the new Knives Out.. coming soon!! 

But with that being said, don't miss out Avatar in movies.. it's just different.. so damn cool.

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