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Thursday, February 24th

Before trivia, I thought I would ramble a bit.

Are you ever doing a random task or daily chore and think to yourself or even say aloud a movie or TV show quote about said task? 

Is that just me? 

It never fails. Every time I am cutting a tomato, I say,

“Bro, these blades are for s***, and you know Vince like his tomatoes cut paper thin,” 

I chuckle to myself and try to cut my tomato slice paper thin, so you can almost see through it.

Anyway, on to the Trivia answers: 

Everyone knows the quote is from Brokeback Mountain.

Stockard was 33 while playing a 17-year-old in Grease. Nearly as bad as the cast of All American, some of whom are now in their 30s as well.


Camp Crystal Lake has a terrible counselor retention rate.

ET and Poltergeist both started off from the same script.

One more sleep till the weekend! 

Trivia Answers: