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Thursday, July 21st

BIG WIN last night.. but Charlotte beat Chelsea! And I know you can say it all, they are 2 weeks into their preseason, and were missing their first choice goal keeper (see highest paid) and best goal scorer(highest paid attacker).... (hahahahahaha...) but Charlotte defended well and created chances and deserved the 1-1 draw..

It’s impressive when you think that Charlotte’s combine payroll is less 7 players on Chelsea’s squad and similar to another 5, it’s impressive. Great atmosphere as well, even with the Rain delay.

A fantastic moment and big for the club as well, was bringing on 16-year-old Brian Romero, who is the first Homegrown player for the club. I can remember my buddy Brian when he first started at CFC talking about this kid they found up at the lake and he was special. Cool to see how far he has come so quickly.

Exciting night all around and bonus treat of getting on the field as after the game as well, so technically I was sharing the field with some Champions League winners.

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