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Thursday, June 16th

I love Charlotte, but its June and July that make me think, it would be nice to live some place without a 1000% humidity.. Just saying.

I haven't done this in a while.. but here goes a Thoughtful Thursday! 

The Fast and Furious movies are just like billion dollar version of the "And then and then and then and then.. " stories children tell..

Maybe Superheroes wear capes to hide the zipper on the back of their onesie.

Toddles are the most consistently violent subgroup of the population.. (YE!S!!!) 

Once you Finish school life goes from linear game to open world game.

The devil and many other evil creatures have horns, yet in real life, only herbivores have horns.

I can't believe after 25 years, Quill's cassette tape is still playing in Guardians of the Galaxy.. That's impressive.

Alright enjoy your day..

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