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Thursday, March 10th

Man I have been slacking, I am blaming this on the new keyboard. It's this tiny and my pudgy fingers are hitting like 12 too many keys at one time.

Either way, what did I used to do on Thursdays? They were thoughtful.

Here are some deep thoughts for you.. or most-likely pretty superficial ones.

Brussel sprouts should be marketed as Cabbage nuggets.

You could have survived countless failed assassination attempts in your life.

Cereal companies do not sell resealable packaging because they want you to eat their product faster and buy more.

The most delicious animal or fruit probably went extinct millions of years ago, because it was too darn tasty.

There are fully grown young adults that have never used Windows XP or held a floppy disk.

Alright on that note I am out! Enjoy your day! 

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