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Tuesday, April 5th

This is the 400th post... Seriously, I used to have a dry erase board in the office, and made it a digital version of it during the Pandemic. I can’t believe I am still doing this. Then again, I am still working from home.. Sorry — HYBIRD working.

When you reach milestones, you also reflect. It got me thinking about a bucket list, well that’s incorrect, more just a list of Sporting Events and things I’d like to do.

So here is mine, in no particular order...

Go back in time and see AC DC live in the early 90s.

Go to a World Cup, 2026, doesn’t count as I think I need to travel for it. With no public drinking and booze sold sparsely, I do not Qatar sounds remotely like a good time.

Also, I am saying I, I really mean my family and I....

Champions League Final or just a knock out game

Visit a few of the famous grounds in Europe and see a game, Nou Camp, Old Trafford, Bridge, Elland Road, the Stadium in Venice.

And of course.. no pressure.. See Ox play in one of those stadiums..

What did I watch this weekend? 

Enjoyed Death of the Nile, well-made flick and I could watch one every 6 months.

The Bubble.. not sure where to begin, but it was just bad.

Alright Enjoy your Tuesday.

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