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Tuesday, December 13th

Nearly half way through the month and only the second post. Then again those are the holidays! 

This is going to be an impressive RAPID FIRE of everything...

Watched Loads of good content.. and their are tons of fun, better than Hallmark Christmas Movies out there. .

Christmas, Yours or Mine on Prime so far has been my fav.

Here are some thoughts for your Tuesday..

Would you rather take a pill to be able to read minds for 3 days, or one to grow 5 inches? 

At some point our parents stopped keeping track of our bowel movements.

I am a fanboy and don't care, but I'm PATIENTLY waiting till Thursday so I can finally see Avatar 2.. Early reactions say it is epic, and I can't wait. Social media leading up to the release has been funny, saying no cares, but they forget that for a year it was pretty much all anyone talked about..

You don't doubt the master.. I have loved or throughly enjoy every movie! 



The Abyss

Terminator 2

True Lies



Alright lets see WORLD CUP Semis.. have a feeling we are going see Argentina vs France final, but I will say to me Morocco seems more likely to pull the upset. But who knows with the Croatia.


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