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Tuesday, February 15th

Fair warning a man fasting and missing breakfast is not someone you should want to be around. Also, I have to drink black coffee. No, thank you.

Super Bowl thoughts:

Though going in, they couldn’t protect Burrow and they damn near got him killed, and it was the difference in the game. Only an OBJ injury kept the game close in my eyes.

Commercials were prettaay pretty good. Thinking my favorite was the Larry David, followed closely by the ad winner Anna Kendrick and as much as it pains me to say it, the Meta one with the creepy Chuck-e-Cheese Dog.

Watched the Winning Time full trailer about the Lakers Dynasty in the 80s and I am all in. Looks great.

The no-look pass on the third or fourth biggest play of the game is not getting talked about enough. It was unreal. And it’s only completed if he throws it that way. Him locking in the outside receiver moved the safety a few steps to the outside just enough to fire that ball into there.

Watched a few things but nothing really jumped out. Need to get to the movies, Scream, Death on the Nile and some others before The Batman comes out and dominates every screen.

Anyway, enjoy your Tuesday. I know I will not. I am already Hangry. Also CHAMPIONS LEAGUE returns!!!!

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