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Tuesday, May 24th

I feel the NEED, the need for speed...

I think she’s lost it..


No, she hasn’t..

Yea, she’s lost it...

That’s right, it’s a TOP GUN Tuesday. Checking out Maverick tonight and fully expect to be underwhelmed, only because my expectations are sooo f-ing high!!! 

Either way, I will have a full debrief tomorrow. That is a promise. I only write checks my body THINKS it can cash.

As for the weekend in review, I watched some things.. Finished Winning Time, and it was great. And then I watched the greatest movie of the year SO FAR..

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, it’s the sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and created a really cool alternative reality that totally pushed TONS of IP, but somehow manages to not feel forced. It was REALLY cool. It’s made for people who love movies, but even if you don’t love movies, you will enjoy the hell out of it. However, I can safely say kids are NOT the intended audience.

Alright I am off..

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