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Tuesday, November 22nd

Gonna do a weekend wrap RIGHT NOW.. cause lets face it most of us are headed out for the Holiday, and plus loads of new stuff is already coming out today or tomorrow, so make sure to watch it all when Uncle Buck decided to drop some unwanted political views on you after a few cocktails.

Top 5 or so..

  1. Strange World - Ox and I are headed to the movies tomorrow morning to check out the latest Disney cartoon and kinda pumped for it.
  2. The Fablemans - A fictitious account of Spielberg's childhood, told by one of the masters of cinema, I can't wait. Just not sure how I am going to see it! Both of these are in Theaters exclusively.
  3. Wednesday - The Addams Family spin off show, looks great, all episodes streaming on Netflix tomorrow.
  4. Christmas Movies -- There are soo many, so just gonna throw out a few that come out over the break -- Christmas on Mistletoe Farm – Netflix Film, The Noel Diary – Netflix Film, A Christmas Mystery, 2022 - HBO MAX, A Unicorn for Christmas - Hulu , Merry Kiss Cam - Hulu 
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy - Christmas Special - this probably should have been higher.. but I totally forgot about it.

Also there is soccer on everyday ALL day! I love the World Cup. Its a great time when true soccer fans come out of the woodwork and decided to tell you, someone that watches soccer weekly, about the benefits of high press and how X player is vastly underrated.


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