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Wednesday, April 20th

I think this is turning into a back half of the week type deal. Just seems easier.

I can’t wait to get tacos today for lunch. I mean, it’s scary how excited I am for these tacos. The real question is, WHERE TO GET SAID TACOS?

I do prefer the variety of Velvet Taco, however getting in and out with Ox man at Optmist Hall is tricky. Plus, no chips and salsa while we wait. Which means I think we will just stop by La Unica on the way home from school to pick up. I can already taste them.

Enough about my obsession with tacos. But Mr. Wednesday just threatened to send me the netherworld if I don’t do some trivia... Hint it might have to do with food...

What are the two most popular spices in the world?

What is the hottest part of a chili? 

What is the most expensive spice by weight? 

What takes basic martini and makes it dirty? 

What is the only state that grows coffee beans?

Which president brought Mac and Cheese to the US? 

Alright, enjoy your Wednesday, and thankfully, I am not banished to the netherworld. For now..

Trivia Answers: