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Wednesday, January 5th

Alright since it's the end of the year, or actually the beginning of the new one, let me do one of those yearly wrap up all in stats.

Let's start with some basic health related ones: 

Covid Case: 0

Covid Scares: 5

Covid Tests: 4

Hospital Trips: 2

Pound range gained or lost: 5 to 15

Beers drank: 4 maybe

Alright Lets got to some apps: 

Average Wake Time: 6:53am

Average Bed Time: 10:11pm

Movies Watched: 104

TV Shows Watched: Way too many

Most Watched: Modern Family (Lunch time go to) 

Live Events Attended: 2

Shoes Purchased: 5

Overall Fantasy Football Record: 21-21

Hours Biked: 40ish

Most Used App: Twitter

Most Insta Likes: 39,875

Streaming Subs: 7

What about creative things

Logos made: 3

Flash Fiction Stories Written: 11

Web Projects Completed: 3

Scripts Started: 3

Scripts Finished: 0

Work Related: 

Still Employed: Yes

Lines of Code Written: 20K

Times at the office: 59

Misc Stats: 

Closet Monsters Captured: 5

Closet Monsters Freed by Ox: 4

Ox diapers that made me nearly puke: 5

My farts that made Jenn Vomit: 1

Total Emails Received: 12,590

Lego Models Completed: 2

Trivia Answers: