What's this all about..

I used to have a dry erase board...

Where I would post a daily message, then Covid happened, so I made the board digital so I could still share my daily thoughts.

Since then, the board has grown! We have tried to provide a refuse and writing utility for the public.

We have still tried to post a daily message, however sometimes that doesn’t happen. So we  have added new sections! 

The Daily Distraction is a cultivated collection of sites which are entertaining, useful, and above all, positive.

In Write Something, we have curated over 400 writing prompts which are randomly ordered daily to provide the aspiring writer something to jump start their day.

We have also launched the first of our yearly writing competition, The Dorveille Vignettes. Each year we are going to come up with something unique and offer cash prizes to the winners! No entry fees! 

Sincerely, Ernest P. Pennyworth IV.

That would be our founders, nom de plume.

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