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Friday, April 14th

Apparently the board observed the Easter Holidays. No one told me.

Been busy around the house and I had told myself to update my board more, not less! Oh well.. But I can't leave you guys for too long.

Here we go.. New this weekend.. Only a few things to check out. Since apparently everyone in their mother saw Mario last week, it was cute, check it out. And if you want drop the kid there, and go see Air. Which is what I hope to see soon! 

Alright new this week..

Nic Cage cashing a paycheck as Dracula in Reinfield, doesn't look terrible, but time is at premium so probably gonna wait till this one is streaming... just like...

Cocaine Bear!! 

Now streaming on Peacock.. I will be watching this weekend FOR SURE. Hanging siding and watching Cocaine Bear, only things I MUST do this weekend.

Also two mystery shows, one on Netflix, Florida Man, which sounds kinda good actually and The Last Thing He Told Me, from Reese and originally starring Julia Roberts. Now its one of the Jenns, but looks good on Apple TV.

Thats all folks. Enjoy

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