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Friday, April 1st

Ox is getting a baby brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, he is not..

Already got my April Fools joke out of the way, on to the rest of the happenings today!!!

World Cup Schedule is set!!! 

The US could play Ukraine and Iran.. which would be interesting.. but we get our old friends the Brits the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING... Black Friday..

I am so excited.

Meanwhile, this weekend we got a few things on deck.

In theaters you have Morbius which probably should have just been delayed forever and The Contractor, where Chris Pine is cashing a paycheck in a by the books conspiracy revenge action movie.

On Netflix, there is a meta comedy about making a corny big budget sci-fi movie during the pandemic. Loaded cast. Also Apollo 10 1/2, an animated movie from the guy who made Dazed and Confused.

Already out, from early this week, Death on the Nile and Moon Knight, I think Oscar Isaac is in both... But should be good.

Also TONS of new movies are on all the streamers, so look, and find some good ones.

Alrighty, gonna build some shelves this weekend.

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