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Friday, April 28th


I know I should be happier and I am getting there, because I desperately want the Panthers to be relevant but he's just sooo slight... Moving on.

Loads of content this weekend. Here is quick top 5 of things that you should maybe check out..

  1. Sweet Tooth Season 2 on Netflix. First season was surprisingly good, and the second season came out of nowhere. But I am good for it.
  2. Scream 6 on Paramount Plus. Love these movies, and wanted to see this one in the theater, but home box office will due.
  3. Peter Pan and Wendy, another Disney live action remake that came straight to Plus. David Lowery also directed the underrated Pete's Dragon, so I am intrigued.
  4. Quasi on Hulu, is another movie from the Super Troopers guys, which I can't say I think will be good, but I tend to watch their stuff.
  5. Citadel on Amazon Prime, normally I would be higher on the SECOND most expensive TV show of all time from the guys who did Avengers End Game, but the reviews have been BRUTAL and it sounds like they kept changing everything behind the scenes mid way through led to a shit product.

Alright, time to get the Ox Man!!! Let's Go, its the weekend! I need a shower.. I smell.

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