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Friday, August 5th

Premier League is back this weekend! and so is the Bundsliga! 

Always a fun time of the year. Pick a team and dive in! 

Top 5 Things to Watch this weekend!

  1. Prey - A new Predator movie! But the reviews are good! (Hulu)
  2. Bullet Train - From the Deadpool 2 director a non-stop action fest on a speeding train with an all star cast. (Theaters)
  3. Lightyear - It's REALLY good, so if you missed it in the theaters, check it out now on Disney Plus
  4. Wedding Season - Another RomCom from Netflix, but doesn't look like the Hallmark rip off variety
  5. Licorice Pizza - Paul Thomas Anderson latest is finally available to stream, a coming of age love story set in the 70s.
  6. BONUS - The Sandman! Another big budget book adaptation from Netflix finally comes out.

There are also loads of new movies! First of the month! 


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