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Friday, February 10th

At least I am consistent. I am gonna try to post more that once a week! But Fridays are the best!! 

A Programming note: The Daily Board will feature their first ever Writing Competition! So please check that out! 

The Dorveille Writing Contest

It’s a really cool project that I am super excited about!

But for what you're all here for, what to watch this weekend.

I believe there is a rather large football game on, and I am more excited about the trailers and commercials than the game, but that is my life.

It’s also a content dump for LOVE, so here we go..

Netflix has Reese and Ashton K, in Your Place or Mine, plus You Season 4: Part 1.

In the movies, you have two fantastic options in Titanic or Magic Mike: Last Dance.

Paramount Plus as a fun RomCom called At Midnight, which looks like an exotic location set Notting Hill, as a movie star falls for the commoner.

Peacock has some Hallmark Crap

Amazon Prime has Dave Franco directing his wife in some cringe awkward comedy Somebody I Used to Know

And HBO has a new episode of Harley Quinn and her romance with Poison Ivy.

So ya LOADED with choices.

Enjoy the weekend! I know I will! 

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