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Friday, February 17th

Marvel Phase 5 begins today... Which means Antman something will open to around 100 million and introduce us to the NEXT Thanos, Kang. Which you already met in the TV show Loki, but that was a nice Kang. Or something like that.

If you are looking for something to cure that Super Bowl hangover, the soccer this weekend should be great! 

I am gonna get two movies and two shows this weekend to check out... I do not know if they will be any good, cause I haven’t seen them, but they strike my fancy.

The first two-fer is on Amazon Prime: 

Carnival Row: Final Season, which is an interesting fantasy show on Prime with some darker elements and an interesting setting. I enjoyed the first season, so the second should be good as well.

3000 Years of Longing: Is a movie by the director of Mad Max Fury Road and about a genie played by Idris Elba. I am in.. this washed out in the theaters, and finally available on streaming, so I am pumped to check it out.

The second one is on Apple TV: 

Here’s the logline for Sharper: Motivations are suspect, and expectations are turned upside down, as a con artist takes on Manhattan billionaires. A twisty caper? That’s my bread and butter. Let’s go! 

Hello Tomorrow, is the first project to from former Panthers center Ryan Kalil to be seen, and I am not sure what exactly is going on, but the Pleasantville crossed with flying cars filled trailer has me hooked.

That is all I got for today. Enjoy your weekend and this RAINY Friday..

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