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Friday, February 4th

Ox man did not make it through “Musical Appreciation through the lens of Film”. Maybe it was the teacher’s fault for giving him a bag of M&Ms, popcorn, and some soda. He was just looking so sleepy to start. Whoops.

This weekend we have some interesting new or relatively new stuff. By relatively new I mean usually came out during the week or last week and I just missed it.

Three new shows to check out: 

Jack Reacher is on Amazon Prime, based on the books, not the average Tom Cruise movie. Which neglected a MASSIVE part of the character’s appeal, his hulking oversized presence.

Pam and Tommy, ya, it’s on Hulu, and apparently there is nudity. After all, it’s about the world’s most famous sex tape. Sorry Paris and Kim, Pam and Tommy are the OGs. Apparently there is a talking prosthetic you know what, so that should be interesting.

Murderland on Netflix is Will Arnett’s improv procedural. So it’s Curb with weekly celebrity solving a crime.

The only new movie I am excited about is Nightmare Alley. which is on HBO Max and Hulu. I am dying to see this. Plus, it’s the first of the month, so check out your streamers collection of movies as they all added tons of new titles.

Apparently, now is also the weekend to buy a new TV if you are looking. Best sales are the week before the Super Bowl.

Enjoy your weekend! 

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