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Friday, January 13th

Man, I took a week off.. from the board, but been busy.

So let’s do this pretty quickly.. Before we get to content, I would say this is one of the better weekend for sports all year.

6 NFL playoff games, loads of great soccer, NBA, and the Aussie Open if you're your young and up late or an insomniac.

Content.. Let’s Go! Top 5 things to watch this weekend.

  1. Existing Content -- Avatar or Megan are better than anything new at the theaters this weekend. Plane and House Party are the two new releases.
  2. The Last Of Us - the NEXT big show from HBO. I will be locked in on Sunday night.
  3. Dog Gone and The Drop are two interesting options on Netflix or Hulu, respectively.
  4. Also on HBO is Velma, an “adult” animated take on the Scooby Doo character. I do not know what to expect, but might check it out.
  5. The Hunters Season 2 on Amazon Prime, it’s also the last season, a group of Nazi Hunters in the 70s are going after Hitler.

Enjoy the long weekend! We got projects on deck AND 2 birthday parties for Ox’s classmates. I guess it begins.

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