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Friday, January 14th

It’s the weekend!! And it’s a holiday weekend as well.

Only one new movie in the theaters and it’s a good one, SCREAM. Not 5CREAM of Scream 5, but SCREAM. Reviews are good and I think I have seen everyone starting with 3 in the theaters. Was a bit too young for the first one. It was the first movie that kept me up at night. Couldn’t finish it. Now I enjoy them more for the Who-dunit aspect more than the slasher aspect.

But if the weather keeps you in over the long weekend, the streamers have you covered.

The Eternals movie is now on Disney Plus, and a new episode of The Book of Fett as well. I will say the train sequence in the last episode was fantastic, just loved every moment.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is on Amazon Prime for the Kiddos

Also, for the kids on HBO Max is The PeaceMaker season premiere. (This is for the kids, like Euphoria is for the kids.) In addition, they also are adding every episode of Fringe and ER to the platform.

So there is a little something for everyone. I am sure Netflix has something as well.

Oh, and the NFL playoffs start with MORE games than ever. So Saturday, Sunday, and Monday playoff action should be nice as well.

Enjoy the weekend and be safe if the weather turns.

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