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Friday, January 27th

I need a break from the INTENSE list making of the past couple of boards..

So today is really simple. A top 5 new things to watch this weekend.

I think these are going to be in order of how excited I am to watch them..

No 1. - Poker Face - A new crime mystery show from Rian Johnson (Knives Out) on Peacock, reviews are insanely positive and the trailer looked great.

No. 2 - Shotgun Wedding - The trailer starts like a typical rom com with Josh Duhamel and J-Lo, then takes a big turn on the setup, and looks like a ton of fun. On Amazon Prime.

No. 3 - You People - Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy from the Black-ish creator. It looks funny. It’s on Netflix.

No. 4 - Extraordinary - A new sitcom on Hulu about Super powers, looks pretty funny as well.

No. 5 - Shrinking - Apple Plus, a new TV show with Marshall and Indiana Jones from the creator of Ted Lasso should be higher on the list, but I really like the other shows..

Everyone enjoy your weekend!!! I am really looking forward to it! 

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