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Friday, January 28th

Ladies and gentlemen.. The Weekend.

We made it through another week and on to the SECOND month of 2022. Man, time really flies. If you don’t stop and look around, you might just miss it.

I will admit I am bummed that there is no football on Saturday this weekend. European or American. That stinks. The new content is not great either. Guess it’s time to find a new project to do around the house.

The only thing that excites me is the.. (pauses for a deep breath),
The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window.

As you can guess, it’s a satire on the Gone Girl genre starring Kristen Bell on Netflix and it looks fun.

OHHHH NEVERMIND! I totally forgot, Apple’s next hit arrives this weekend too, and it’s on the top of the list. Partially because its plot has elements of something I would love to write and it’s a murder mystery comedy, which has quickly become my favorite genre. Oh, and it’s by the people responsible for Into the Spider-verse, the Jump Street reboots, and The Lego Movie. So I will watch the Afterparty TONIGHT.

Anyway, enjoy the light dusting we are supposed to be tonight and have a great weekend.

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