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Friday, January 6th

What’s new this weekend? 

Go see Avatar... It’s epic and something you really have to see on the biggest screen possible. You feel like it’s an alternative world you are visiting.. I can’t wait to go back.

If that’s not for you, M3gan is a new horror movie that looks like a modern day Chuckie, but apparently it’s great. Only in theaters.

If you do not want to get out of the house this weekend, the small screen has some great offerings.

Christian Bale is on Netflix with a new movie that looks pretty cool, The Pale Blue Eye.

Also on HBO Max is The Menu, another horror thriller which also looks pretty cool.

Bromates on Hulu is a slightly lighter option to watch.

Last Devotion is on Paramount Plus, a well-reviewed movie about Korean War fighter pilots, starring the villain from the new Creed and Antman movies, and his wingman is Hangman from Top Gun Maverick.

Excited for the weekend, loads of projects! 


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