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Friday, July 15th

What a terrible week for the board. This happens when I get wrapped up in other side projects. Oh well, man, I had been doing so well. No ankle injuries in like a year or longer, then the last TWO times out tweaks to both ankles. The perks of getting older! 

This is my top 7 best new things coming out this weekend or that came out THIS week.

  1. The Grey Man - the Avengers directors are dropping a big budget action thriller in THEATERS before it hits Netflix next weekend.. starring Gosling and Evans..
  2. Uncharted is on Netflix if you haven’t seen it and it’s a fun little action romp.
  3. Bobs Burgers Movie - Came out on Tuesday, but I highly recommend it to fans of the series, it’s a lot of fun.
  4. Ms Marvel had its season finale on Wednesday and it’s been pretty enjoyable so far.
  5. Don’t Make me Go - A tear jerker on Amazon Prime
  6. Where the Crawdads Sing and Paws of Fury are the two movies opening this weekend at the movies, and both seem like they will have their audience but don’t look GREAT...

Mostly a lackluster offering. Maybe the weather will be decent. Anyway ENJOY the weekend! 

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