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Friday, July 29th

I don't want lemonade. It's too sweet and it makes my tongue feel gritty.... so when life gives me lemons, I'm gonna slice 'em up into wedges and throw 'em into vodka tonics. Which I will then sip in a burlesque nightclub that I own with actor Taye Diggs and two of the Pussycat Dolls.

- The immortal Thomas Haverford

Boom, let's do a quick top 5 of new content this weekend.

  1. Ox and I are taking the afternoon off to go see a SUPER PETS!!! I showed him both the Minions and SuperPets trailer and he decided on Pets. He has been back on the Paw Paw kick so guessing that's playing a factor.
  2. Honor Society, a RomCom / High School caper with Dustin from Stranger Things, trailer looks fun and I am in.
  3. Not Okay, an interesting Zoey Duetch movie on Hulu where she becomes insta famous for faking surviving a terror attack BY accident.
  4. A new House Party and a continuation or spin off of Pretty Little Liars are both now on HBO Max.
  5. A new season of Harley Quinn is also on HBO Max, which is worth checking out.

That's all I have for this weekend! Enjoy it and find something fun and unique to do! 

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