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Friday, July 8th

Alright.. we are creatures of habit.. SO from now on..

Top 5 NEW THINGS to watch this weekend.

  1. Thor: Love and Thunder, this is easily my favorite Marvel series, and I love this movie.. Thor 3 was an adventure buddy cop space romp, this is a Action Rom Com space romp, and it delivers. They take a lot of shots, but a ton of them really land.. Ya, I saw it last night.
  2. Boo, Bitch: Netflix, a teenage ghost story crossed with Mean Girls.. I am IN..
  3. The Visitors: I think this is another New Zealand or Australian comedy that HBO Max has just dropped, but aliens and humor.. sounds promising.
  4. The Sea Beast: One of the first in-house Netflix produced animated movies. Director of Big Hero 6 and Moana.
  5. Tie - One serious, one fun. Blackbird on Apple plus another prestige TV drama about prison (serious..) and then Everything In between.. another teen rom com on Netflix.

See, that was easy and to the point. It’s like lists are good for something! 

Enjoy your weekend! 

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