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Friday, June 24th

A few things before I just drop a list of everything I am interested in watching this weekend..

One, the Hornets basically gave away the 13th pick in the draft to save some money. It’s a move that doesn’t look good to the fans, especially when franchises sell picks as these really important assets.

Second, the last time we traded the 13th pick away it was Kobe, now I am not sure there is a planet where Jalen Duran is anywhere the level of a player that Kobe was, but if he’s good or above average, this will be another Hornets disaster. Especially when the one dimensional shot blocking big, we kept turns out to be worthless.

Alright stuff for this weekend..

Theaters (this were included because I feel compelled to list all movies still bold enough to go to theaters) 

Elvis - Why are they still making Bio Pics? 

The Black Phone - About kid killer.. NO THANK YOU


Downton Abbey - A New Era


Umbrella Academy - Rewatching the first 2 seasons this weekend to get ready, I kinda of love this show.

The Man from Toronto - Kevin Hart Action Comedy.. SURE..

Man vs Bee - Mr. Bean’s life is ruined by a bee...


Westworld Season 4 - I actually enjoy most of season 3, so I will still tune in.

Disney Plus

Obi Wan kenobi - Finale

Dr Strange 2 - Was pretty solid, looking forward to a re-watch this weekend.

Paramount Plus

A new Beavis and Butthead.. not sure who was asking for this.. but it’s ah there..

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