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Friday, March 11th

We have arrived at the weekend. It is finally here. And I am still sick. So that’s AWESOME. Thankfully, there is some quality content available to all.

While the Bats will still dominate the movie theaters, those at home have two Massive movies that in the past certainly would have gone to the theaters. So while I am upset, I can’t see the Hulk and Deadpool teaming up with producer behind Stranger Things in a Family oriented Time Traveling adventure movie on the big screen. I can say I am fired up to watch The Adam Project on Netflix this weekend.

Speaking of sure things, Pixar’s latest is also going straight to Disney Plus, not even the Premier pay option, just streaming right away. Turning Red, which is a movie about a young girl coming of age and learning to control her new urges. Since it’s Disney, those urges turn her into a giant Red panda. Still a bro-mance on the Amalfi coast and now a tender coming of age story seems like Pixar is more A24 than Disney, but I love they are taking chances. Plus, the movies are fantastic.

Last is a new season of Upload, which if you haven’t watched the first season, do that NOW. It is a fantastic, unique look at the afterlife. Can’t wait for more of season 2 and unravelling some of those mysterious plot points in season one.

Enjoy the weekend. It’s gonna be cold again, so you have content to snuggle up with those close to you and enjoy. Don’t take those moments of peaceful and relaxation for granted.

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